Surroundings - Cities and Towns to Visit

Riemst (11km)

Located between Tongeren and Maastricht and is the last Flemish municipality for the border with the Netherlands. It is worth a visit to a small town. Thanks to the centuries-long exploitation of marl which started before the 15th century, a kilometer-long tunnel system extends under your feet. Here you will find fossils, drawings of prehistoric animals, mushroom farms and even bats colonies.

In the visitor center ‘De Brug’ is a museum dedicated to the WWII. Wine castle Genoels-Elderen The only wine castle in Belgium is located in Riemst, between Tongeren and Maastricht. This is due to the Romans who had vineyards in this region.

Bilzen (15km)

A city with a rich past and an open view on the future. Bilzen has something special. Bilzen is a bit quirky but above all determined, charming and so cozy. Alden – Biesen .The castle complex that was formerly built by the German knighthood is now a cultural center of the Flemish Government. The former Landcommanderij today serves as a congress center and culture tourist attraction.

Zammelen (7km)

From the picturesque village of Zammelen, the orange route leads you through the valley of the Mombeek to the castle village of Gors-Opleeuw. The walk houses nature and culture and makes for a lot of variety on your walking tour. Along the former fruit trail you have beautiful views of the surrounding landscape.

You can combine the red, orange and blue route to a landscape walk of 13 km (about 3 hours). At the church of Zammelen there is an information board with the marked walks.

Hoeselt (10km)

The vault of Vrijhern does not need a medicinal source to remain a busy pilgrimage destination. However, the dense clay layers in the area cause many sources to spring. The Greenspot walks let you discover this beautiful piece of Haspengouw.

Heers (16km)

Hex is one of the most beautiful historical estates in Belgium. The gardens of the castle are internationally known for the collection of wild and old roses. Impressive are the extensive vegetable gardens with traditional fruit cellar and the original 19th century park of Louis Fuchs with its ancient trees and breathtaking views.

Borgloon (12km)

Is the highest historic town in Flanders. From the castle hill, near the church and then the castle of the Counts of Loon, you can enjoy beautiful panoramas of the fruit landscape. During a cycling or walking tour through the Loon fields, take a look at the hotspot for a unique selfie along the charming see-through church ‘Reading between the lines’.

Sint Truiden (22km)

Located in Haspengouw, from April to October you can enjoy the blossoms, local produce and everything about harvesting fruit. The sixth largest monument city in Flanders with more than 100 religious monuments and 250 protected monuments.

Luik (30km)

Luik offers various attractions as well as some cultural shopping streets.

Maastricht (20km)

The city was a former Roman settlement, today it is a pleasant shopping city.

Aken (70km)

Just across the German border lies the 2000-year-old imperial city of Aachen. The city presents itself as a metropolis with historical flair and is best known for the Dom, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.